Smart Glasses A Favorite Tool of Tomorrow’s CEO

Smart glasses sweeten C-Suite life

No CEOs were able to hide from the impact of COVID-19. This unprecedented era has forced the business world’s leaders to shift, pivot, and rethink strategies. As the world leans on tech to navigate this new normal, forward-thinking executives understand how smart glasses can improve enterprise performance.

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Smart glasses are considered the successor to smartphones in the 2020s.

Throughout the pandemic, they’ve risen in popularity. Offering hands-free, voice-controlled Zoom and Skype access, models like the Vuzix Blade connect us in new ways.

CEO’s like Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffett would be wise to embrace smart glasses
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Adding clarity to the executive team

Smart glasses are making their way into the workplace.

A productivity darling, Vuzix Smart Glasses have made the following progress:

  1. Teleconferencing: The days of standing in front of a laptop camera or awkwardly pointing a smartphone at your face are over. With smart glasses, Zoom and Skype calls are completely hands-free.
  2. Telemedicine: Forget in-person doctor visits. Grandma having trouble? Broadcast your first-person POV to off-site experts for guidance.
  3. Warehousing: Order-picking has never been easier. Product info and site directions are broadcast to workers via lenses.
  4. Field service work: Techs and engineers working in the field can receive guidance from experts in the office.
  5. Security: Using facial recognition software, Vuzix Smart Glasses allow security personnel to scan crowds for threats.
  6. Worker training: Ditch the classroom. There’s no better tool for students to see exactly what their instructors are talking about; see-what-I-see.

The next generation of Vuzix Smart Glasses will be difficult to differentiate from non-digital counterparts

Trending upward: smart glasses adoption

From the executive suite to the warehouse floor, smart glasses can make life easier on today’s CEO.

The 2020 pandemic should speed up how quickly business leaders integrate the devices into their operations.

It’s unlikely life will ever be the same again - the coronavirus’ impact will affect the global economy long after a vaccine is discovered.

There is more demand than ever for new ways to connect. Smart glasses offer a safe, reliable alternative to face-to-face meetings.

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