Smart Glasses Changing Real Estate with Virtual Open Houses

Dream technology = Dream home

COVID-19 has changed everything. From sporting events to business calls, the pandemic will have everlasting implications. How will real estate be affected?

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With social distancing in place, potential buyers can’t physically attend open houses. How can realtors work around this restriction?

One broker has found a solution: virtual open houses with smart glasses.

COVID-19 has given rise to virtual open houses
Credit:The Capital

A realtor with the touch of a button

Mark Moon of New York holds virtual open houses over Vuzix Smart Glasses. Using Zoom or Skype, teleconferencing is the next best thing to in-person tours:

  • See every nook and cranny: Realtors can broadcast their first-person POV. This allows online visitors to see everything a home has to offer.
  • Tours in bed: Forget leaving the house you’re looking to sell to check out a new one. With virtual open houses, there’s no need to break quarantine.
  • Real-time answers: Visitors can ask questions during tours, allowing realtors to serve as virtual guides.
  • Safety first: Even after social distancing restrictions end, smart glasses eliminate the spread of any virus.

Realtors can benefit from using both the Vuzix M400 and the Vuzix Blade in their daily sales activities.

Hands-free tours are just the start

In the COVID-19 era, decision-makers are forced to interact with new technologies. For instance, many industry leaders deal with video conferencing for the first time.

Smart glasses are a solution to the pandemic’s many problems. In medicine, the technology protects healthcare workers. How? Nurses wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) can stream their first-person POV to an off-site expert. This reduces the likelihood of transmission.

Moments of adversity breed innovation. This pandemic is no different. To protect society’s most vulnerable, the world must embrace technology that makes social distancing easier.

Virtual open houses on smart glasses are a great example of that.

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