Smart Glasses Could Make Fashion Experts of Us All

Fashionisto on-the-fly with augmented reality

Members of the tech industry aren’t known for their ahead-of-the-curve fashion sensibilities. No, programmers and software engineers are often in need of help keeping up with current fashion trends. Luckily, smart glasses could bring about an end to embarrassing fashion ‘faux pas’.

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However, we’re not just talking about the slick stylings of the Vuzix Blade. Instead, we’re considering how the glasses themselves could help us understand what’s ‘in vogue’, even when there’s no fashion consultant in sight.

With smart glasses, we’d all deserve to be front row at fashion shows. Credit: AVR Spot

Project Runway made easy

Using augmented reality, smart glasses could allow us to instantly scan articles of clothing. In one glance, we’d learn the price, brand, size and fabric type.

Moreover, we’d learn which line the item belongs to, the appropriate season to wear it, and for which activities it’s meant to be donned.

But that’s not all. Additionally, we’d learn which items the article should be paired with. Since color coordination doesn’t come naturally to all, smart glasses could offer a humiliation filter, of sorts.

The fashion industry is already embracing AR. Smart glasses could change the game. Credit: Blippar, Retail meets AR

Fashion for Dummies

Ultimately, AR could be used as a force for up-to-date fashion. Keeping your closet stocked with the latest threads could one day eliminate the need to ask your partner for advice before heading out the door.

Furthermore, it’d make first impressions much easier. Smart glasses could inject a great deal of confidence into first dates of the future.

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