Smart Glasses Could Revolutionize Healthcare & Education in the 2020s

A hands-free decade beckons in schools, operating rooms

Below are two of the most telling hallmarks of an advanced civilized society.

  1. The care and skill we use to treat our sick
  2. The importance and diligence we place on educating our young

Healthcare and education are so important that one might consider them the foremost hallmarks of a prosperous society. The strength of these systems shine a bright light on a country’s average quality of life, helping us determine if prosperity is limited to a social elite.

Luckily, hospitals and schools across the world are on the cusp of a game changing breakthrough.

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In particular, wearable display technology (aka ‘smart glasses’) is already changing the world of healthcare. Developed by Vuzix®, these devices are:

  1. Making surgeries much easier by projecting digital instructions into a doctor’s field-of-view
  2. Allowing medical specialists to treat patients from anywhere in the world by allowing them to work through a nurse or caregiver’s point-of-view
  3. Helping doctors-in-training sharpen their skills by making it seem like off-site instructors are in the same room

Need proof that Vuzix smart glasses are making a difference? The devices are already saving lives.

Yet, we haven’t even scratched the surface of the technology’s potential. Technicians and warehouse professionals are pushing the boundaries, using hands-free communication to increase efficiency and greatly reduce mistakes.

Simply put: the students and teachers of tomorrow are poised to benefit.

By improving working conditions for healthcare workers and (eventually) teachers, Vuzix Smart Glasses are poised to improve the average quality of life in countries that onboard the hands-free devices.

Smart Glasses to produce a smarter society

Just as smart glasses have revolutionized how the doctors of tomorrow study, the devices can provide students with an interactive learning environment - from anywhere.

Soon, smart glasses could flip the script, potentially turning remote education into a preferred learning style. The devices are highly customizable and could give students more control over how they learn.

The classrooms of tomorrow

Healthcare administrators could one day equip staff and students with smart glasses.

Educators are invited to open their minds to the possibilities offered by the technology.

For now, explore the Vuzix devices that are currently improving best practices in many industries.

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