Smart Glasses Could Solve Global Mobility Challenges

The global mobility crisis

Except for a few progressive cities, the average morning commute is long. In the US, the average trip is over 26 minutes. As more people move to urban centres and the global population skyrockets, the issue of global mobility isn’t going anywhere.

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While solutions like cycling, carpooling and working from home have emerged, the need to ease the burden on transportation infrastructure is a primary concern for public officials.

Metropolises including Hong Kong, Beijing and Singapore attempt to solve the issue with state-of-the-art metrorails. Meanwhile, nearly 70% of Amsterdam residents bike to and from the office and classroom.

Could smart glasses like the Vuzix Blade shorten your morning commute?
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Perfect timing with smart glasses

However, urban meccas including San Francisco, Moscow and Mexico City are impossible to navigate with ease. Long waits in rush hour traffic are a way of life for residents of these hubs.

As the threat of climate change discourages car ownership and rideshares face infrastructure challenges, how do we make it easier to get from A to B?

The answer lies in data – and the smart glasses that allow us to access the benefits of said data.

As populations grow, mobility is a growing challenge for urban planners
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The AR revolution and Emergency Planning

As public transportation improves and driverless cars are introduced, it will be easier than ever to time your route to work. Instead of repeatedly looking at your phone to find a rideshare, smart glasses will provide instructions to the nearest vacant car.

Similarly, those behind the wheel will spend less time on the road. Smart glass lenses will broadcast real-time instructions on which lane to use, when to merge and roadblocks to avoid.

All without having to take your eyes off the road.

Granted, the real benefits will be realized as transportation infrastructures improve. However, smart glasses will allow us to move faster – and safer – within the networks we use today.

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