Smart Glasses have Potential to Change Rally Car Racing

Racers would seriously benefit from smart glasses

Rally car drivers can reach speeds exceeding 125mph during any given race. Consequently, the need for a co-driver is non-negotiable for these automotive daredevils.

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After all, the twists and turns rally cars navigate are the site of endless life and death scenarios.

Moreover, one muffled ‘left turn’ out of a co-driver’s lips can mean the difference between a championship and early retirement.

Rally car racers rely heavily on brave co-drivers. Credit: Camera Courage

Racing with augmented reality

The sport has adopted modern tech to meet racer’s needs. GPS has replaced map printouts and mic’d co-drivers no longer worry if a driver can’t hear direction prompts over the engine’s roar.

As a result, it’s only a matter of time before the sport adopts AR to help with navigation. Specifically, smart glasses will help both driver and co-driver traverse any course with minimal risk.

Drivers will eventually benefit from augmented reality. Credit: Dribbble – Augmented Reality Driving

Like the iconic HUDs drivers use in video games Gran Turismo and Forza, smart glasses would provide directions and warnings in real-time.

Ultimately, AR tech will give drivers the same control over their vehicles that experienced gamers enjoy.