Smart Glasses Offer a Breakthrough to the Food Processing Industry

Hands-free supply improvements

Food safety’s become even more important since March 2020. Supply chains have been affected, as governments place strict restrictions on food handlers in the name of public health.

The engineers responsible for monitoring food service equipment have been presented with a challenge. In-person inspections of worksites can no longer be relied upon to ensure health standards are met and machines operated efficiently.

Vuzix Smart Glasses have filled this gap. Today, there’s no need for specialists to leave the house to do their jobs. Instead, individuals who are already on-site can simply stream their first-person view to off-site experts.

Inspectors can even take screenshots of their partner’s view, among several other intuitive functions.

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Users are communicating using TOMRA Visual Assist. The Vuzix app allows remote experts to provide remote support to on-site field service engineers.

The technology represents the next best thing to being there in person.

Vuzix Smart Glasses help food processors save money by optimizing equipment and keeping workers safe.

A remote support superstar

This breakthrough offers countless benefits to everyone from processors themselves to end consumers:

Worker safety

Social distancing protocols can be followed, as Smart Glasses mean specialists can walk on-site personnel through even the most complex procedures from anywhere. No one is exposed and less cluttered sites reduce workplace injuries.

Optimized equipment

Engineers can use their partner’s view to inspect equipment. The hands-free tech makes it easy to walk untrained personnel through equipment repairs. Specialists can even take screenshots of their partner’s view and highlight problem areas using the animate feature.

Eyes on the prize

Inspectors no longer need to look down at a phone or tablet to monitor notes. Info is available in the Smart Glasses display, accessible through voice commands.

Reduced costs

With no commute, all parties benefit from a sharp decrease in travel expenses.

Improved quality

Since it’s easy for business owners to request the help of specialists, food processing equipment runs more efficiently. In addition, zero travel means more inspections can be performed than ever before.

Vuzix Smart Glasses greatly improve communication across the entire food processing industry.

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