Smart Glasses on a Path to Become a Staple of Orthopedic Surgeries

Medical leader in France to use AR in the OR

The healthcare space is loving Smart Glasses. One doesn’t have to stretch their imaginations to find out why. Doctors can summon information using their voice and see it in the corner of their eyes – no hands required.

France’s Pixee Medical sees the benefits, having received certification to start using the first orthopedic navigation systems that uses augmented reality (AR) Smart Glasses.

Called Knee+, the system makes total knee arthroplasties far easier.

Operating on Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses, the program is easy to use and can save medical practices a great deal of money.

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How Knee+ is changing the world of knee replacement surgeries:

Tracking software

Surgeons can find instruments and implants using their Smart Glasses display. Much like Tony Stark in the Iron Man films, AR can automate incredibly complex aspects of any procedure.

Cost effective

Knee+ eliminates the need for practitioners to use robotic arms during surgeries. These bulky, expensive pieces of hardware are made obsolete by the program’s computer vision and deep learning algorithms.

A more advanced EU

The program’s CE certification will allow Pixee to commercialize Knee+ for use across Europe and beyond. Once it earns FDA approval, expect more of the orthopedic industry to adopt the technology.

France-based Pixee Medical is equipping orthopedic surgeons with Smart Glasses, making life easier on practitioners and patients.

AR in the Operating Room

Smart Glasses are making life easier for medical practitioners. From vaccine handlers to doctors in training, AR is rapidly innovating the healthcare space.

This evolution is natural – doctors don’t have a spare hand to handle a clipboard with patient information. Nor do they have the luxury of taking their eye off a procedure to confirm details with colleagues.

With wearable display tech, doctors can use their voice to immediately summon info that floats in their display. They can even place 3D images over patients to simulate how an implant will look before application.

Welcome to healthcare’s augmented era.

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