Smart Glasses Supporting China’s Auto Industry: Hands-Free Devices Gaining Traction

Vuzix hosts Mandarin tech demo

In the modern era, innovations make a habit of crossing borders. In parts of the US, Europe and Asia, Smart Glasses are becoming a staple of business life, as corporations both large and small equip employees with the hands-free AR devices.

Now, an Asian telecom giant onboarded Vuzix Smart Glasses, making life easier on technicians.

This development is gaining traction as Vuzix hosts its first-ever demonstration in Mandarin – expanding its reach in the Asia-Pacific.

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In partnership with SoftFoundry International and Porsche China, Vuzix brings its M-Series line to one of the world’s largest markets.

Why the demonstration is so monumental:

Remote Expertise

Available on the Vuzix M400 and M4000, the FacePro Xpert System ushers in the next-generation of remote support. Businesses can use the technology to train employees, giving instructors access to their student’s point-of-view. Equipped with 4K video, the technology has the potential to significantly reduce corporate expenses. Mass adoption could eliminate “traveling for work.”


The premium automaker already benefits from the technology – connecting US-based team members with colleagues in China. This has reduced operating costs for the Vuzix customer, as technical experts can walk trainees through even the most complex procedures. This is performed hands-free from over 7,000 miles away.

Innovative Heartland

China’s steadily-growing economy has an innovative reputation. From electric cars to contactless payment tech, the marketplace of over 1 billion doesn’t shy away from advanced devices that improve the average quality of life. Businesses are expected to embrace Smart Glasses first...but consumers shouldn’t be far behind.

Vuzix is introducing its M-Series line of Smart Glasses to the Chinese market, hosting a demonstration in partnership with SoftFoundry and Porsche.

A hands-free world

Supporting 14 different languages, FacePro on Vuzix Smart Glasses is primed to be used across the globe.

The software is making a name for itself in several industries, including healthcare, manufacturing and telecom.

And don’t forget – the technology already offers subtitles for real life.

Could Smart Glasses bring the world closer together? Vuzix, SoftFoundry and Porsche seem to think so.

See the full press release here.

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