Smart Glasses to Change How We Work – White Paper

Setting the standard for wearable display tech

A new white paper explores how Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses are revolutionizing countless industries.

Among them:

Global adoption of wearable tech has increased since the 2020 lockdown, as businesses work to navigate the health crisis. With hands-free functionality, Smart Glasses provide a straightforward solution to a complex problem: How do we carry on in a world where people can’t be in the same room?

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Some of the benefits Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses offer businesses:

Hands-free access to information

Users can instantly summon anything to their display. Using their voice or the Vuzix Blade’s trackpad, maps, spreadsheets, videos and more are a moment away.

Recording, saving, sharing: The mobile webcam allows colleagues to share first-person experiences with one another. Additionally, warehouse workers can scan barcodes with a glance and caregivers can receive health updates after looking at a patient’s face.

Real-time, see-what-I-see communication

The next best thing to being in a classroom, it’s like having an instructor looking over your shoulder. Remote training is the future of education, but the Vuzix Blade also enables site inspectors to observe a line installation in Florida while seated in a Toronto office.

Time Savings

Freeing hands to perform other functions, Smart Glasses automate countless tasks. Nurses can ditch their pen and clipboard, giving them more time to perform life-saving work.

Goodbye, travel expenses

There’s no longer any need to fly in the experts. Expert surgeons in London can walk healthcare practitioners in Zambia through complex procedures. Site inspections can be performed from anywhere, as inspectors can monitor the first-person view of someone walking the site.

Interactive workplace performance

Technicians can instantly loop-in an expert to guide them through complex repairs. Similarly, warehouse order pickers can broadcast their POV to an off-site manager.

A new white paper explores how Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses are positively affecting key players in several industries, including healthcare.

Industry 4.0 is hands-free

The technology is triggering a snowball effect. Companies that integrate Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses into their operations are already seeing major financial benefits.

Their workforce is more efficient, and less team members are required to perform tasks.

Eventually, those who fail to onboard wearable display tech will fall behind to innovative competitors.

Check out the full White Paper here.

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