Smart Glasses to Make Construction Work Safer, More Efficient

Construction AR to Revolutionize Blue-Collar Work

According to the OSHA, one in ten construction workers are injured annually. Evidently, more needs to be done to protect the lives of those who build our homes, offices and communities.

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Granted, technology and safety procedures have greatly improved the well-being of construction workers since the industrial revolution.

Nevertheless, there’s room to improve - and the next generation of communication technology offers a practical solution.

Construction AR will save lives and help avoid injuries

Construction AR to Save Lives

Smart glasses offer wearers all the benefits of a smartphone. However, they allow users to access these benefits hands-free.

Moreover, augmented reality (AR) can provide construction workers - regardless of title or rank - access to a life-saving real-time HUD.

Like Tony Stark on the jobsite, here are some benefits construction AR will one day offer:

  • Highlight and warn of co-workers in hidden areas
  • Recommend against the use of dangerous or life-threatening tasks
  • Provide an interactive, 3D map of any jobsite, including real-time locations of colleagues and machines
  • Notify safety personnel when proper fall protection isn’t used
  • Provide on-site injury diagnostics
  • Caution against improper handling of hazardous materials

Job Sites already benefit from Vuzix smart glasses

Increase Efficiency, Sooner Rather than Later

Additionally, smart glasses will ensure projects are finished with increased speed and efficiency.

Workers can already broadcast a live feed of their POV to off-site experts. Meanwhile, lenses will eventually be able to assess every drill or cut with immaculate precision.

The underlying software and hardware that will support this innovative shift is being developed at Vuzix. Both consumers and professionals are already benefiting from smart glasses.

Be it a fall warning or a loose screw alert, some will eventually owe their lives to construction AR.

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