Software Update for Webex Teams on Vuzix Smart Glasses Improves Hands-Free Video Conferencing

Teamwork enters industry 4.0

Protecting a user’s health, Webex on Vuzix Smart Glasses also protects a business’ financial well-being. The video conferencing app allows continuous, hands-free teamwork.

Easily navigate between teams, people, and spaces while conversation partners are broadcast in your view for $15/month.

Using a more practical alternative to smartphones, users start and join meetings instantly. Now, the latest update means screen sharing over HD video is even easier.

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Updated features on the Webex Teams Connector App for Smart Glasses

Hidden video previews

Outgoing video previews can now be hidden, allowing users to focus on their own POV instead of videos they send to conversation partners.

New gestures

Gestures to control zoom and exposure have been included. Use the device’s touchpad to get a better sense of what you’re seeing when screen sharing.

Localized Chinese translations

Traditional and simplified Chinese translations have been added. This is great news for Taiwan’s Chi Mei Medical Centre, whose doctors use Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses in the OR and ICU.


Webex Teams is now available on the newest Vuzix device.

The Webex Teams Connector App now allows zoom and exposure control gestures on Vuzix Smart Glasses.
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A perfect solution to communication problems for business owners, Webex Teams is helping partners in medicine, education, telecom and more navigate the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Featuring several minor bug fixes, the Webex video conferencing update streamlines teamwork for the enterprise market. With end-to-end encryption, professionals can safely collaborate without worrying about viral infections or data breaches.

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