Speech-to-Text Perfection with Voice Input on Vuzix Blade and M400 Smart Glasses

Introducing the next generation of hands-free communication

Text-based communication that involves your hands could soon be a thing of the past.

Vuzix Voice Input allows for hands-free speech-to-text on Vuzix Blade and M400 Smart Glasses.

What does this mean?

A user’s words can instantly be displayed on-screen in real-time. This is possible whenever a keyboard is available in the Smart Glasses’ display.

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Why Vuzix Voice Input is a gamechanger:

Seamless communication

Technicians can instantly text off-site experts without taking their hands off a repair. The same can be said for surgeons helping colleagues in a faraway hospital wing - or another country.

Safety first

Smartphones and similar communication tech pulls a user’s attention away from their surroundings. This cloud-based voice-to-text app has the potential to save lives, particularly on construction sites.

Quicker, more efficient businesses

Inventory managers can summon floating lists with their voice. How easy would it be to keep track of large product quantities without the need to handle a physical list?

Vuzix Voice Input allows for breakthrough speech-to-text on M400 and Blade Smart Glasses

Revolutionizing the business world

This breakthrough has exciting implications for:

The app is available for just $4.99USD a month, and allows up to 2,000 transcriptions over the period.

Equip your team with this revolutionary tech today.

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