SpringCity Increases Productivity by 40% with M400 Smart Glasses

Remote work technology saves company time, money

No longer do new technicians need a trainer peaking over their shoulder. Australian renewable energy leader SpringCity has equipped team members with Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses.

Now, trainers can guide trainees from the comfort of their office. Productivity has increased by 40% since SpringCity adopted the augmented reality (AR) technology.

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Especially in the COVID-19 era, the classroom training model is costly and presents health risks for energy firms. Meanwhile, it's expensive to send experienced engineers to monitor trainees on job sites.

As mentors provide instruction, projects take a long time to complete. Not to mention, experienced techs aren’t able to complete tasks themselves - a costly reality for firms.

A SpringCity technician in Australia receives training through his Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses.

How Smart Glasses improve training at SpringCity

Enter AR. More specifically, Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses.

Here’s how SpringCity benefits from the technology:

  • Video calls: Off-site trainers can see their trainee’s first-person view through the M400’s camera. Trainers can monitor their charge’s progress using a computer screen, providing technical guidance and encouragement through a microphone.
  • Snap and mark: Trainers can take pictures of their trainee’s view, circling important components with digital animations. This eliminates much of the confusion that comes from two different vantage points.
  • No travel required: The savings potential for energy firms is massive. Instead of flying out experts to different sites, trainers will never have to leave the office.
  • Instant help: SpringCity calls upon Vuzix customer service to provide immediate support whenever an issue presents itself. Although the technology’s new, customers are regularly helping the Vuzix team identify new use cases.

Check out this video of a SpringCity trainer guiding a new tech with the M400.

Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses eliminate the need for trainers to be physically present.
Image credit: PR Newswire

Endless possibilities with AR

Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses offer a competitive advantage for SpringCity. Not only do they save the firm travel expenses, they reduce the time it takes to train new technicians.

The technology is being used globally to automate processes and save businesses time and money. Making all the benefits of your smartphone accessible in the corner of your eye, Smart Glasses change life at home and at work.

Expect stories like these to become more popular as the 2020s progress. Especially in a socially-distanced world, Smart Glasses offer the next-best thing to in-person communication.

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