Streaming Available on Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses

Stream your favorite Netflix, Amazon Prime shows on the Vuzix Blade

Technology has changed how we watch our favorite shows. Today, cable subscriptions fall while streaming subscriptions endlessly rise.

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Wearers can stream TV shows on their smart glasses. Credit: Next Reality

Additionally, more streaming services emerge every year. The likes of Disney+ will soon challenge Netflix’s market dominance.

Furthermore, the ways in which we access these services continue to change. For starters, video game platforms and smartphones are used more commonly than cable boxes by millennials. Evidently, users expect digital platforms to serve as media hubs.

On Demand Content, Wherever You Are

Yet another tech innovation satisfies this streaming itch. Smart glasses are rapidly becoming more sophisticated, eliminating the need for wearers to access apps with their smartphones.

Already, Vuzix Blade smart glasses allow users to stream their favorite shows on the fly. With the advent of 5G in 2020, global telecom infrastructure will support latency-free streaming at faster speeds.

Vuzix Blade smart glasses project images in the corner of your eye. Credit: PhoneArena

The Smart Glasses Revolution

As a result, users can watch “Stranger Things” or “Glow” via a non-intrusive digital projection. Bus rides can become binge sessions - without the arm strain of watching on a smartphone.

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