Surgery Enters Industry 4.0: Customized Wearable Display System in Development

The future of Operating Rooms

Healthcare has changed over the past year. Most notably, more doctors rely on wearable display tech to diagnose patients from a safe distance.

Telemedicine provides immense savings and helps all parties follow social distancing protocols. Plus, it allows experts to support colleagues from anywhere in the world using Smart Glasses’ remote support features.

Yet, the decade’s most meaningful development in healthcare tech is still to come.

And it could change the way assisted medical surgeries are performed.

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Vuzix has completed the 1st development phase of a new project with a US-based medical partner.

Here’s what we know about the upcoming head-mounted display system:


The device will fit any wearer and users will be able to customize it, much like a smartphone or tablet.

Remote support

This breakthrough could increase global access to top-end healthcare. Many rural areas lack expert surgeons and 5 million people die annually from poor-quality healthcare. It’ll make it easier for an expert in London to guide their colleague in South Africa through even the most complex procedure.

Seamless knowledge transfer

Instead of relying on assistants to provide operation updates, the display will broadcast info. This will save everyone time and health departments money in the long-term, as fewer practitioners will be needed in the OR.

Vuzix has teamed with a US-based medical partner to create a customized head-mounted display system for assisted cancer surgery.

The hands-free revolution

Healthcare administrations are turning to Smart Glasses with increased regularity. Since March 2020, the pandemic has forced the industry to make drastic changes.

Hands-free wearable display tech has emerged as a viable solution to many of the problems facing medical practitioners. The technology is already saving lives.

We’ll keep you updated as this story unfolds.

Check out the press release for more info.

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