Swim Smarter with Vuzix Smart Swim

You’re an avid swimmer. But you feel you're not getting any faster. Or younger.

You need an edge. Something to help monitor and supercharge your training.

To remind you that being “in your prime” is just a mindset.

Enter Vuzix Smart Swim – the future of performance swimming technology.

The closest thing to having an instructor swim alongside you.

Giving you the power of the cloud while underwater, Smart Swim offers benefits that set a new standard for swim enthusiasts:

  • View your workout status
  • Track your underwater form & movement
  • Stream your favorite video content during swimming workouts - yes, the goggles are wi-fi enabled
  • Easily strap it on your favorite goggles
  • Harness Bluetooth to view and share session results on your phone
  • Swim for 7+ hours on one charge
  • A 9-axis sensor tracks every movement for accurate & detailed feedback
  • Built-in sensors combine with a timer, compass, and GPS - so you always know where you are, where you’ve been, and we’re you’re going

Smart Glasses are set to replace smartphones in the near future. Imagine having hands-free access to the digital world while you swim.

And now you can – while beating your best 50m time.