TeamViewer Pilot Update A Win for Vuzix Users

Remote Assistance, Improved

Hands-free remote assistance is revolutionizing many industries. Among them, automotive, education, and medicine. Users can broadcast their first-person view to off-site experts, who provide guidance using a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

The TeamViewer Pilot app (available on the Vuzix Blade, M400, M4000, M300 and M300XL) makes remote assistance a breeze for enterprise customers. And there’s good news as the latest update offers several exciting improvements:

  • Too dark? Desktop users can now enable the Smart Glasses’ flashlight
  • Need a closer look? Desktop users can also zoom their partner’s camera
  • Bye-bye bugs. Minor bugs have been fixed and several other software improvements have been made
TeamViewer Pilot now allows desktop users to enable the flashlight and zoom functions on their partner’s Smart Glasses.
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Praised by users, the app lets at-home trainers mark up their student’s view with 3D annotations. All questions can be answered instantly, with real-time video streaming and camera sharing.

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It’s the next-best thing to having someone look over your shoulder. In fact, most dental, medical, and automotive students would say it's preferred. TeamViewer offers the benefits of an expert watching your every move, without the awkwardness of them standing right behind you.

Even better: Vuzix remote assistance is bringing medical expertise to the developing world. There’s no longer any need to fly in the experts!

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