Telemedicine through Smart Glasses to Benefit Healthcare Pros, Patients – White Paper

Smart glasses a valuable tool in the healthcare pros’ arsenal

AR (augmented reality) is set to improve a doctor’s capacity for providing life-saving care. The COVID-19 crisis has put a spotlight on telemedicine, as PPE (personal protective equipment) is in short supply. As a result, smart glasses have a big place in the medical world.

Through smart glasses, doctors can provide detailed instructions to another doctor or practitioner miles away. However, that’s just the tip of the telemedical iceberg.

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With telemedicine, smart glasses help healthcare professionals in the following ways:

  • Relay instructions to care practitioners
  • Monitor vital signs without taking eyes off the patient
  • Record treatment for training purposes
  • Provide instant feedback via video feed
  • Doctors access medical libraries faster and on demand
  • A specialist can spend more time interacting with patients while seeing more people in a day
  • Patients can spend more time with doctors through the smart glasses video feed

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Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses allow doctors to perform remote checkups
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