TeleVU and Vuzix Equip Healthcare Workers with the Power of Hands-Free AR, AI

Removing geographical barriers to specialized care

Virtual healthcare is taking the industry by storm…and why shouldn’t it? A world where anyone can receive immediate access to a healthcare specialist regardless of location is worth pursuing.

Remote patient care leader TeleVU has partnered with Vuzix® to make this a reality.

The arrangement is simple, yet it carries the potential for global change.

TeleVU creates user-friendly communication software that connects patients with doctors.

Vuzix provides smart glasses that allow specialists to harness the power of augmented reality, assisted reality, and artificial intelligence. Did we mention this access is completely hands-free?

TeleVU Vuzix remote healthcare smart glasses assisted reality augmented reality telemedicine

Healthcare specialists don’t have to be on the same continent to treat a patient thanks to Vuzix’s partnership with TeleVU.

The future of patient care

Vuzix smart glasses provide a live audio-visual link between frontline clinicians and remote experts from anywhere in the world via TeleVU.

The two companies hosted a joint webinar walking healthcare leaders through the technology on November 30th, 2021.

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How Vuzix and TeleVU make life easy for healthcare workers while saving lives:

  • IoT excellence: Specialists can summon information using their voice. No matter the procedure, life-saving techniques and know-how can be accessed hands-free.
  • Assisted reality: Like tracing a picture, specialists can follow virtual procedure walkthroughts that project digital instructions over the real-world. This technology is set to automate routine procedures, as even the most junior healthcare pro could step in and mimic the movements provided by the visual instructions - much like a video game.
  • AI and machine learning: The devices feature top-of-the-line automation capabilities. The more they’re used, the more efficiently they’ll be able to help healthcare workers adapt to even the most complex procedures.
  • Contact free: This technology is invaluable in the wake of social distancing protocols. Doctors would never have to be in the same room as their patients when equipped with Vuzix smart glasses.
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