The Fortune 50 Begins to Rely on Vuzix Smart Glasses

Industrial titans line up to improve operations with hands-free AR tech

Yet another Fortune 50 company has submitted a follow-on order for VuzixⓇ smart glasses.

This order signals a growing trend among industry titans, as many of the world’s largest companies are starting to see the benefits of equipping their team with wearable displays.

This latest high-profile order is being placed in an effort to support the company’s international supply chain operations. For privacy reasons, the Vuzix client is not named in this article.

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Lockdown measures have forced companies to change the way they operate. Business owners and operators need new ways to operate without risking their employees’ health.

Smart glasses have filled the gap for many pioneering firms.

How wearable displays help businesses of all sizes save time and money:

  • Seamless teleconferencing: Field workers can stream their first-person view to off-site supervisors. The technology has been a saving grace for field service workers, who no longer need to be in the same room to train and upskill.
  • Supply chain link: Transportation and warehouse workers can catalog inventory hands-free. They can simply look at a package’s barcode to process it. This continues to save Vuzix clients a great deal of time, especially as the global supply chain suffers from gridlock.
  • Instant uploads: In the streaming era, the ability to shoot and broadcast video is vital. Smart glasses allow businesses to record first-person videos and instantly upload to YouTube, Twitch, and other streaming platforms. While some clients record procedures for training purposes, others broadcast product demos to potential customers.
  • A Fortune 50 company has realized the benefits of equipping its team with Vuzix smart glasses. They are one of many high-profile clients that are becoming reliant on the emerging technology.

    Cost-effective and employee-approved

    Wearable displays are making business owners happy by improving their bottom line. However, they’re not the only ones benefiting.

    Workers are loving smart glasses:

    Leaders in retail, warehousing, logistics, and more industries are witnessing the AR advantage first-hand.

    Vuzix is excited to help yet another global customer scale their operations with smart glasses.

    Read the full press release here.

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