The Future of Event Navigation

With AR Event Navigation, getting from A to B easy as 1, 2, 3

Ever gotten lost at a music festival? Have you struggled to find the bathroom at intermission? With augmented reality (AR), event venues could ditch wayfinding signage.

Smart Glasses could turn anyone into an expert venue navigator.

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Consider this scenario: you’re at an arena you’ve never been to. Your partner asks you to pick up drinks, but you need to visit the restroom first.

Say “path to bathroom, then concession.” Digital arrows in the corner of your eye could guide you from bathroom to concession stand and back.

Good luck finding your friends without Smart Glasses...
Credit: Festicket

How Smart Glasses will change event navigation

Like having the power of your smartphone on your face, Smart Glasses could make event navigation a breeze.

Some ways Smart Glasses could replace all wayfinding signage in the future:

  1. First-person POV: Lost your friend at a music festival? If you’re both wearing Smart Glasses, one user could stream their view to the other. Beats canvassing a crowd of thousands for your friend’s waving hand...
  2. Wayfinding: Arenas could customize event navigation experiences for anyone using the venue’s WiFi. Using digital arrows, guests could be guided to points-of-interest throughout the building. Smart Glasses could even hover namebars over players on the court, field or ice.
  3. Next-gen marketing: Event marketers could reach visitors in new ways. Anything attendees look at could feature pop-ups, or trigger visuals.
  4. Your favorite show, made better: Along with event navigation, show navigation could also benefit. Imagine witnessing an AR lights show at a Taylor Swift concert.

Smart Glasses already help with directions. What if they helped with event navigation?
Image credit: Queppelin

Event navigation and beyond - AR is here to stay

The 2010s saw the rise of the smartphone. Now, the 2020s are set to usher in the augmented era.

There is no better way to enjoy the benefits of AR than through Smart Glasses. Event navigation is but one example.


Brace yourself. Life’s about to become much easier.

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