The Smart Glasses Era Is Coming. Will They Be More User-Friendly than Smartphones?

Your phone’s successor is on its way

Some of the world’s largest tech companies are entering the wearable display game. From Facebook® to Apple®, AR (augmented reality) devices could one day replace smartphones.

Only time will tell how long until the mass transition begins, but the logic is hard to deny. While handheld devices allow us to benefit more from the digital world, using a smartphone isn’t exactly seamless.

Smart Glasses give us the “power of the cloud” in the corner of our eye, projecting a digital layer over the digital world. Yes, just like a video game. This allows us to perform digital tasks without taking our eyes off our surroundings.

Need proof? Ask one of the doctors, technicians and warehouse workers already benefiting from the hands-free benefits of Vuzix® Smart Glasses.

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Need more cause for excitement? Ask warehouse operators how onboarding the devices has improved their bottom-line.

Vuzix is creating wearable displays for enterprise, which puts Vuzix Smart Glasses in a separate class from Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories and other similar devices that are targeted at consumers.

Regardless of the hype this generates, only one thing matters: how easy will it be to actually use these things?

Vuzix Smart Glasses allow business owners and operators to equip their team with user-friendly AR devices.

Vuzix offers Smart Glasses without complication

Vuzix is leading the charge on Smart Glasses’ user experience in the field. Devices can be used out of the box and a trackpad on the frame allows users to navigate between apps, settings and different functions that make their jobs easier.

Even better: it can all be done using voice commands.

Interested in equipping your team with Vuzix Smart Glasses? Reach out and speak to a Vuzix product expert.

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