Tomorrow’s Student to Benefit from AR Smart Glasses

Easier Learning with Smart Glasses

Being a student isn’t easy. For high schoolers, the omnipresence of smartphones and social media make it nearly impossible to focus.

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For those in post-secondary, the financial strain alone is enough to cheapen the learning experience.

Evidently, a wide gulf separates learning objectives with classroom realities. However, smart glasses will soon offer a viable solution to the many issues facing today’s students.

Today’s education system struggles to keep pace with technology. Credit: Learning Liftoff

No Need to Glance at your Laptop

For starters, smart glasses can bridge the digital with the real world. Students can read textbooks with greater ease, as AR markers could highlight key points and ensure students keep up with lesson plans. Additionally, info could be displayed on-the-spot during educational videos via pop ups.

Furthermore, students can broadcast questions to teachers, either privately or through a public Q&A forum.

Tablets and other tools are routinely used in the classroom, but smart glasses like the Vuzix Blade will enhance the classroom experience even more – Credit: Bold Blog on Learning & Development

Granted, smart glasses will allow learners to access social media with greater ease. However, teachers will be able to initiate ‘blackout’ periods while classes are in session.

These periods could be attached to a classroom’s IP address.

Ultimately, smart glasses will offer students a wide variety of benefits. We’ve only discussed a few possibilities. Let us know how else you think devices like the Vuzix Blade will improve the classroom experience by filling out the appropriate form on this page.

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