Training Vaccine Handlers with Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses

Life-saving remote training

“When you have your health, you have everything.” If this Augusten Burroughs quote is true, then wearable display tech is about to become vitally important.

Envirotech - who specializes in transporting the COVID-19 vaccine - is using Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses to remotely train their personnel. To safely prepare and transport these vaccines at the required sub-zero temperatures, handlers are required to undergo specialized training.

Complicating matters further, social-distancing protocols mean experts can’t physically walk trainees through the complicated process.

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To navigate these hurdles, Envirotainer turned to Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses. Trainees equipped with the device can live-stream their first-person view to experts. These experts can see exactly what their trainee sees, allowing them to provide first-rate assistance from a safe distance.

All that’s required is the Vuzix Remote Assist (VRA) app and an internet connection. This also means experts can guide personnel wherever vaccines are being stored and distributed. A pharmaceutical expert in Hong Kong can safely walk a handler in New York through the process.

Used to train the personnel handling COVID-19 vaccines, Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses help the world combat the crisis
Image credit: Proactive Investors

Global health relies on Smart Glasses

2020 was a challenging year for everyone. Yet, a silver lining emerged, as businesses used Smart Glasses to overcome significant challenges. Wearable display tech helps companies in several industries maintain supply chain efficiency and improve their operations.

There is perhaps no greater example than Envirotainer using the Vuzix M400 to train vaccine handlers. Vuzix is incredibly proud of this life-saving project.

Could this trigger more business owners to integrate Smart Glasses into their workflow?

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