Unifying a Community of Smart Glass Wearers with AR Tours

Temporary AR tours could push smart glass capabilities

The augmented reality craze is just setting in, as users beyond the techie community have started to embrace the technology. Evidently, the technology has moved on from early adopters and has endless applications.

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Moreover, it’s still in its infancy. AR Tours could be a source of fun and innovation, giving smart glass wearers a sense of community with regularly updated digital events.

Smart glasses can allow wearers to see digitally-rendered sites in familiar spots. Credit: WRLD3D

These tours would force users to leave the house and experiment with the technology. For example, a movie studio could organize and advertise a temporary tour through social media in which characters from an upcoming film are displayed around town.

AR-Induced FOMO

Additionally, temporary digital POIs could be displayed in unique areas.

Pokemon Go is the best example of AR getting people to leave the house. Users could track down virtual treasure chests using their smart glasses.

Meanwhile, King Kong could be displayed atop the Empire State Building during the April 7th anniversary of the 1933 film’s release date.

Augmented reality is already exciting smartphone users. Credit: Tech Digest

Making the world your classroom

Furthermore, interesting facts could be displayed alongside buildings or atop public art.

Ultimately, whether permanent or temporary, AR Tours could educate users while also injecting fun into their lives.

Moreover, these virtual trips will give users a sense of community. Like bonding with a co-worker over the fact you’ve both visited Italy, smart glass wearers could revel in the shared experience of seeing a digital Batman - overlooking the city from a nearby perch.