Vuzix #6 on Next Reality’s 30 to Watch

Vuzix and CEO Paul Travers in outstanding company on Next Reality’s list

The augmented reality (AR) field is a competitive one. After all, there are few spaces in the tech world – or any other – that ask so much of its leaders. As a result, Next Reality’s 30 People to Watch in 2019 features only trailblazers – pioneers skilled (and bold) enough to carve new paths in a space that offers unprecedented challenges and potential.

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Placing 6th on the elite list, Vuzix CEO Paul Travers continues to establish himself as an AR pioneer with a rare ability to fulfill the lofty expectations he sets for both himself and Vuzix.

Augmented reality news source Next Reality sees the Vuzix Blade’s enticing potential. Credit: Next Reality

Small fish, huge capabilities

As Next Reality has recognized, Paul leads a company that is much smaller than the several tech behemoths that populate the space.

Nevertheless, Vuzix has established itself as an innovator in an increasingly competitive market. With the Vuzix Blade, Paul’s successfully brought a product to market that appeals to the everyday consumer.

Vuzix CEO Paul Travers – an AR trailblazer. Credit: Next Reality

We invite you to read the full list, which features the ‘who’s who’ in augmented reality heading into 2020. Paul and Vuzix are honoured to be recognized as both AR and smart glasses trendsetters.

Soon, the world will begin to trade in smartphones for smart glasses. Moments of recognition like this confirm Vuzix is playing a large role in this exciting era of change.

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