Vuzix a Global Leader in Healthcare Wearables

Wearable fitness tech on the rise

Remember when getting (and staying) in shape required nothing more than a pair of runners, a t-shirt and breathable shorts? How times have changed. Today, most people use some sort of sophisticated device to monitor and improve their athletic performance.

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Apps like C25K, Nike Training Club, Daily Yoga and Strava have changed the way we exercise. Meanwhile, Fitbit and other wearable devices have enhanced our ability to gather and interpret the data behind our sweat-sessions.

80% of consumers are willing to wear fitness devices, and this number is expected to rise as smart glasses weave their way into the social zeitgeist.

With Amazon Alexa and other apps, Vuzix smart glasses are already changing the way we interact with digital tech. Credit: SSVAR

Vuzix an industry leader

The potential benefits are endless. Smart glasses will allow us to:

  • Monitor our time, pace and heart rate on runs without taking your eyes off the path
  • Follow guided workouts – with visual demos - without the need to check your phone between sets
  • Achieve perfect form, as we match our movement to graphic overlays of proper technique - akin to tracing a picture, but for workouts
  • Livestream our workouts to off-site personal trainers

Recently, the success of Vuzix smart glasses in this space was brought to light by the Medical Device Network.

Vuzix was mentioned among industry leaders Apple, Facebook, Fitbit and Google – solidifying us as a global leader in healthcare wearables.

Checkout the full list here.

80% of consumers are willing to wear fitness devices – an industry smart glasses could dominate . Credit: Medical Device Network

Smart glasses and you

It’s an honor to be mentioned among such esteemed company, but the real victory belongs to society. Smart glasses will allow us to access every benefit offered by smartphones – with less distraction and more speed.

Anyone who’s run with a smartphone attached to a pouch on their arm can attest: there’s room for improvement.

Even smartwatches aren’t perfect – they require users to look away from the exercise-at-hand to check workout plans and stats.

The Vuzix Blade offers a solution: a stylish pair of glasses that projects info into the corner of your eye. This info doesn’t impede your vision and can be controlled through voice-command.

It appears tomorrow’s workout will be much more efficient than today’s.

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