Vuzix and COVID-19: AR Education to Fill Gap Left by Empty Classrooms

Class canceled: AR Education to benefit young learners, teachers
Schools have closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Many are shuttered for the rest of the academic year.

As a result, teachers are forced to find innovative ways to keep students engaged in online classes. Evidently, video-chats provide more thorough lessons than online presentations. Furthermore, there are different ways to teleconference beyond sitting in front of a laptop or phone.

Technology has adapted for the COVID-19 era: teleconferences now follow users around the room.

Teleconferencing with smart glasses offers intuitive online demos and lessons – filling the gap left by empty classrooms

Smart glasses, smarter lesson plans

Smart glasses offer a mobility advantage. To demonstrate an experiment’s steps, a true POV is the next best thing to in-person sessions.

Granted, some subjects are better suited than others. Indeed, the technology seamlessly lends itself to science and technology classes.

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Moreover, science teachers know the value of demonstration vs. presentation. A fixed camera risks missing important steps. Meanwhile, eye-level cameras capture what the teacher sees, providing a more in-depth look.

AR Education beyond COVID-19

There will always be times students miss lessons due to unforeseen circumstances. Ultimately, the pandemic forces educators to experiment with smart glasses in the classroom.

As a result, the technology is likely to stick around long after the virus is contained.

In colleges, universities and trade schools, POV teaching will feel more personal than a presentation. After all, lecture theatres lack the intuition of AR Education.

Additionally, remote teaching removes the close contact that puts educators at risk.

Vuzix smart glasses are set to impact the medical industry
Credit: Twitter @ShafiAhmed5

Beyond the classroom

Smart glasses are set to impact the healthcare industry. In particular, medical training will benefit - consider hands-free operating theatres.

Furthermore, demonstrations can be recorded and uploaded for later use. Providing educators with smart glasses allows them to tailor lessons and answer questions in real-time.

Being away from school does not mean being away from education. Evidently, investing in teleconferencing technology has long-term benefits.

Vuzix’ education commitment

Vuzix offers a 20% discount to accredited institutions. We also offer a year’s free connector to Skype and Zoom with any smart glasses purchase.

Education gives young people structure. Lessons through Skype or Zoom provide a sense of normality, calming students with a sense of regular life.

Vuzix regularly hosts webinars on how to get the best out of our products. Contact us for more information.