Vuzix and COVID-19: Smart Glasses Fill the Education Gap

Innovation vs. pandemic: technology and COVID-19

The coronavirus is changing the world. From this day forward, people will reconsider the need to meet face-to-face. As a result, virtual meetings will fill the void left by conference rooms and flights to annual summits.

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Indeed, it’s difficult to tell who might be carrying the viral disease. As a result, schools around the world have been closed indefinitely.

However, young learners still need to continue their education. In the absence of in-person classes, educators can turn to smart glasses and AR (augmented reality) technology.

A unique opportunity for remote education

After all, disruption usually breeds innovation. The coronavirus is no different, forcing governments and private business to keep the world running as best as possible in the face of an existential threat.

In education, Vuzix products can be actively involved in offering solutions:

Class is not in session: Schools in 22 countries have closed their doors

• An education gap: Over 290 million students are stuck at home

• Remote teaching: Vuzix offers 1 year of free access to Skype and Zoom on its Blade and M-Series smart glasses

• Affordable access: Educational institutions receive 20% off Vuzix smart glasses purchases

Evidently, smart glasses could help curb the coronavirus’ global impact in education.

While COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the global economy, it presents a unique opportunity for AR tech to connect us. This opportunity goes beyond the classroom.

This is what students see in their Vuzix smart glasses before entering the virtual classroom

Innovation in the face of a pandemic

As face-to-face meetings become rarer, companies need new, sophisticated ways to communicate remotely and as remote teams. No longer can professionals wait until they’re in the office to explore complex strategies.

As a result, this period could result in an innovation explosion.

AR (augmented reality) could be seen as a tool to navigate a future where in-person meetings are obsolete.

As we entered the 2020s, no crystal ball welcomed us. However, we agreed the next 10 years would see a spike in technological advances.

What if the fight to contain COVID-19 accelerates the AR smart glasses phenomenon?

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