Vuzix Blade® AR Smart Glasses Perfect for On-the-Go Users

Vuzix Blade is an Ultimate Smartphone Accessory and is the Beginnings of Leaving your Phone in your Pocket

Even before Pokemon Go changed the way we think about Augmented Reality (AR), consumers have long marveled at the technology’s potential. This potential is realized in the stylish and ergonomic Vuzix Blade. The Blade offers virtually all the benefits of a smartphone. However, without the need to take your phone out of your pocket.

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Vuzix has focused primarily on wearable smart glasses for enterprise use. Everyone from warehouse professionals, remote workers to warehousing staff have benefited from Vuzix’ M-Series products. Additionally, the recently announced M400 enters the market as the best-in-class smart glasses for enterprise. The Blade offers a hands-free digital experience packaged with Vuzix’ see-through waveguide optics. This connects users to the digital world without losing touch with the real one.

Furthermore, the Blade leverages voice commands and works with popular cloud-based voice assistants. It also uses Android OS and includes an 8MP digital camera for crisp HD images and video. Users can instantly record video or snap a picture, receive alerts and messages from their phone, respond to texts, and more. The Blade’s Android OS supports apps that require a web connection. Additionally, it supports apps that run offline on the glasses.

The Vuzix Blade AR Smart Glasses

A Seamless Transition to Wearable Augmented Reality (AR)

The Vuzix Blade allows for 3rd-party app integration through Android. With frequent OS updates via OTA and new apps being added to the Vuzix app store, the Blade’s capabilities are extensive.

The Blade can also support mapping or other navigation applications. As a result, the glasses offer a safer alternative to looking at your phone for navigation instructions. Moreover, the navigation prompts on its see-through lens don’t obstruct a user’s view of their surroundings. Lastly, the glasses display smartphone notifications from any application on your phone - including social media. With the Blade’s smartphone companion app, users can prioritize which alerts are broadcast on their glasses.

The glasses are ideal for those on the go. Using GPS technology from a phone and Android app, it can display live feeds detailing a user’s speed and elevation. This feature is perfect for athletes, skiers and snowboarders.

The Vuzix Blade Allows Consumers Hands-Free Access to the Digital World

Vuzix’s Role in the Hands-Free Revolution

These examples barely scratch the surface of the Blade’s versatility. The US$999 device uses a companion smartphone app for keyboard entries, synching photos and videos taken with the glasses, or moving the displayed image up or down on the lens. This technology represents the next generation of how consumers interact with the digital world.