Vuzix Blade® Smart Glasses in Security Applications

Hands-free security camera and sensor access has the potential to mobilize security personnel. Indeed, giving security personnel an overhead view of any evolving situation is a big advantage.

Vuzix recently announced that its Blade® is the smart glasses rollout hardware for SWORD™ – the world’s first mobile IoT threat detection device. Built on top of the Apple iPhone 8 Plus and iPad Pro, SWORD™ has strategic partnerships with leading companies including Verizon, FaceFirst and Flir Systems.

SWORD™ has a strategic agreement with Verizon to be the network partner for SWORD™ devices and to co-market, co-brand, and sell to their B2B/Government clients. Additionally, Verizon will supply Apple hardware. Meanwhile, FaceFirst, which works with General Dynamics, Microsoft and other leading companies is the facial recognition partner for the SWORD™.

Flir Systems provides thermal imaging camera technology used inside the SWORD™. Flir is a $7B public company that designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes technologies that enhance perception and awareness.

SWORD™ is a customizable solution for security teams or task forces. Housed in its own case, SWORD™ uses a combination of proprietary sensor fusion technology to detect concealed weapons and run facial recognition against cloud-based databases. Ultimately, it can do this in a matter of seconds. Threats and notifications detected by SWORD™ will be pushed directly to the heads-up display in Vuzix Blade® smart glasses.

As a result, Vuzix Blade® is a perfect fit for remote, inconspicuous access to the output generated from the SWORD™ sensor systems. Furthermore, the SWORD™ has received a significant number of pre-orders placed by school districts, police departments, worldwide security firms, banks, government agencies, leading concert venue firms and sporting event organizers, according to SWORD™ officials.

Planned to enter full production in Q3 2019, SWORD™ should will keep public venues more secure and keep our children safe at school. Vuzix is proud to be part of the effort.