Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses Showcased at Verizon’s Tech Day

Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses were recently showcased by Verizon’s Technology and Product Development team at Tech Day at Verizon’s Headquarters in Basking Ridge. The hands-on demo of the Vuzix Blade showcased current and future uses for 5G including real-time language translation from Zoi Meet which can be used by enterprise customers conducting business in multiple languages or by consumers while travelling.

Augmented Reality and high bandwidth edge computing over networks like Verizon’s new 5G networks are going to change the world of communications. At Vuzix, our mission is to make wearable AR glasses as common as sunglasses and the goal behind our recently announced Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses App Development Contest in partnership with Verizon is to bring the best and most innovative AR smart glasses applications to consumers and enterprise. Vuzix is working with Verizon and other wireless carriers around the globe that are looking for ‘killer apps’ for consumers and enterprise and we want your help to bring these new ‘killer apps’ and Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses to the mass markets.

Join us to showcase firsthand how Augmented Reality smart glasses will change the world and ultimately offer a hands-free alternative to your phone.