Vuzix Blade Upgrade a Step Forward for Augmented Reality Eyewear

Smarter Smart Glasses

The Vuzix Blade has been upgraded, boasting new features that make it easier for users to integrate the Smart Glasses into everyday tasks.

A breakthrough for augmented reality (AR) tech, the specs are among the first self-contained AR Smart Glasses on the market.

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What does this mean for users? Among the improvements, digital instructions are easier to read and hands-free video calls are more seamless than ever. But that’s not all...

Now with integrated speakers in the temples, headsets aren’t required for voice and video chats
Image credit: Wareable

What’s new?

Increasingly used in the workspace and at home, the Vuzix Blade leads the charge into the AR era. With a sleek design, the Smart Glasses give users hands-free access to nearly all the functions offered by their smartphone.

New features:

  1. Out-of-the-box eye protection: The new specs are ANSI Z78.1 certified, expanding the number of use cases at home and on the job. PPE perfection means eyes remain safe in almost any environment.
  2. Crystal clear images: With an auto-focus 8-megapixel camera, voice-activated pictures rival those taken by smartphones in quality. Tap on the right temple or say “take picture” for Instagram-worthy snaps.
  3. Ditch that headset: Built-in stereo speakers in the temples mean users can walk and talk without earbuds. You’re looking at this generation’s bluetooth headset.
  4. Noise cancellation: The Blade’s microphones are noise-cancelling, guaranteeing no outside sounds are picked up during voice or video chats.
  5. Zero distractions: Digital instructions are easier to read and less distracting. Seamlessly merged with real-world tasks, see-through Waveguide optics help users keep their eyes on the prize.

Vuzix Blade Upgraded Smart Glasses are available for $899.99

Blending into the crowd

These improvements represent a step in the right direction for an industry on the rise. As we become more reliant on our smartphones for both professional and personal use, there is a greater need for seamless access to the digital world.

Just as Bluetooth headsets and smartphones became mainstream, this latest upgrade makes Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses more practical for everyday use.

Checkout some ways Vuzix Smart Glasses are a tech gamechanger:

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