Vuzix CES 2023 Day 1: A Booth Experience Like Never Before

Year after year, Vuzix continues to set the bar with innovative smart glasses technology. CES has always been the place where we can get our solutions in front of the industry, and into your hands. With Vuzix Ultralite™ OEM platform, a CES 2023 Innovation Awards winner, along with interactive demos featuring Vuzix Shield™ and new Blade 2™ smart glasses, our booth has been packed with interest. Here’s what we’re showcasing this year.

An OEM Offering Like No Other: Vuzix Ultralite

Vuzix Ultralite OEM platform is a reference design that will enable leading consumer technology firms to accelerate deployment of AR smart glasses solutions to the masses. The advanced monocular waveguide optics and custom micro display engine work together to create a crisp, transparent image that wirelessly delivers all the important information on a user’s smartphone/watch, hands-free right before their eyes.

This innovative technology is a go-to-market ready, turnkey offering designed to fast-track client AR solutions into production. Weighing in at a mere 38 grams and packing an impressive waveguide to display information from your phone hands-free to your eye, Vuzix Ultralite OEM platform is a blueprint for the world’s most fashion forward smart glasses.

Private demos are still being scheduled, by appointment only, for those with a clear interest in optical components and/or white labeling Ultralite. For more information on how to set up a demo at CES, please complete the form at

Interactive Experience Demos

We can tell you all the ways in which our smart glasses can transform your workforce, but why not see for yourself? This year we’ve put together three experience demos that immerse users right in the action by allowing you to “be the hero” and solve real world challenges using AR technology.

What do you get when you combine the power of Augusta’s Superveloce 800 and AR? An experience you need to check out! The world’s first binocular waveguide smart glasses provide a 3D image that displays critical information in front of both eyes, along with over the ear speakers and optional safety shields for harsh industrial environments. Vuzix Shield is the next generation of safety smart glasses for connected workers. Get into the role of a quality manager inspecting a real MV Augusta Superveloce 800! Using Shield, you can scan for recalled parts using 3D imaging, and see if the bike is ready for the road.

Vuzix Blade™ 2 are performance AR smart glasses for frontline workers. Experience how our waveguide optics merge digital instructions onto real-world tasks, removing distractions to assist a field worker who needs to reboot a power station.

Vuzix M400 smart glasses are ruggedized and built for the workplace, while optimized for comfort. Get to know why they are the industry’s go-to for enterprise smart glasses as you complete an immersive pick and pack assignment.

It’s been an extraordinary first day at CES 2023 and our team is excited to share what’s happening at Vuzix with you! Between latest product developments, experience demos like never before, and a sneak peek at our OEM platform, our booth is guaranteed to impress.

Stop by booth #16991 today!