Vuzix CES Final Roundup

Although CES 2022 had its ups and downs – travel restrictions, notably lower attendance and the shadow of Omicron over everything – it was still at a baseline level a chance for the tech industry to put the latest and greatest into the hands of customers. Vuzix captured another two Innovation awards, and introduced the public to our newest addition: Vuzix Shield™, along with our all-new M400C and new partnerships across the industry including Verizon, Teamviewer, and Fielmann. All things considered, there were some pretty seismic progressions of our business on display, literally, right there in Booth #17075. Here’s a recap.

Vuzix Shield
Anyone doubting whether AR smart glasses will ever deliver on a form factor that's attractive and capable of practical 3D AR experiences now has hope. Vuzix Shield, unveiled this week, has beaten every expectation at CES, raising eyebrows with its sleek, lightweight form factor, and presenting a knockout demonstration of its powerful binocular waveguide technology across several medical, manufacturing and logistics use cases. Event attendees got to experience first hand see-through waveguide optics driven by miniature microLED (uLED) stereo optics in a completely non-occluded heads-up display. These prescription-ready safety glasses combine twin HD cameras, stereo audio, noise canceling microphones and the performance of the Snapdragon® XR1 platform to deliver a singular wearable AR experience that’s just a taste of what’s to come. Vuzix Shield is already in the hands of key partners with volume production starting this summer. Read more

Vuzix M400C
There are business cases where tethering your smart glasses to a standalone computer, smart phone or operating system is a must. Whether it’s extreme computing workloads, ultra stringent regulations, or you just need a wearable addition to your base system, the Vuzix M400C is the device for you. These are ruggedized smart glasses that provide secure and direct connection to any USB-C device that supports DisplayPort Alternative Mode, effectively making your Vuzix device a USB-C peripheral that connects to a hub device. The M400C uses the same form factor as our flagship M400 smart glasses and comes equipped with an autofocus HD camera capable of streaming 1080p video at 60 fps, crisp OLED display, noise canceling mic, voice control, speakers, buttons and touchpad, all built to IP67 standards. CES attendees got to experience how seamlessly Vuzix connects with other systems, not to mention the comfortable fit and all the flexible mounting options we’re known for. Read more

Three wide-reaching business partnerships were highlighted during CES. The first, with Verizon, is destined to connect the metaverse with Vuzix users in ways never before imagined. The agreement will leverage the power of Verizon's 5G and edge computing technologies to deliver a new kind of augmented reality experience. This represents the culmination of a proof-of-concept program using Verizon’s expansive technologies to run applications at the edge of the network while delivering improved response time, longer battery life and increased computing capacity on Vuzix smart glasses. Read more

On the fashion front, new collaboration with Fielmann, a European giant in protective eyeware and optical solutions, is opening up availability of their huge selection of purpose-built frames to Vuzix users. Frames can be filled with prescription lenses and mounted onto a pair of Vuzix M4000, M400 or M400C smart glasses for an exponential number of new wearable options and even more comfort. Fielmann also has an existing relationship with TeamViewer and is currently assisting companies with the selection of suitable glasses and the fitting of smart glasses and training of their staff. Read more

Vuzix welcomed longtime partner Teamviewer to join them on the show floor to demonstrate their Frontline AR platform using the workhorse in the AR industry, the Vuzix M400. As a leading fully integrated enterprise platform for the frontline worker, TeamViewer Frontline creates a truly connected workforce that is more productive due to hands-free working and better ergonomics. The pairing of TeamViewer Frontline with Vuzix smart glasses, known across industry verticals for offering the optimal combination of all-day comfort and performance, means many more organizations throughout the value chain can now deliver on the promise of a truly connected workforce. The two companies continue to focus on jointly developing strategic accounts across select verticals including retail, logistics and manufacturing. Read more