Vuzix Developing, Manufacturing Smart Glasses in America

Emerging technology created stateside

As the world globalizes, physical borders become secondary to their virtual counterparts. Regardless of where a product is developed and manufactured, it can be accessed by customers a world away in a matter of days.

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This reality is only set to intensify as the 2020s begin. As new replaces old and innovations render outdated technologies obsolete, product quality and delivery speed become more important than ever.

A market leader in the emerging smart glasses sector, Vuzix is aware that tomorrow’s consumer is even more demanding than today’s.

Currently, the company is working to weather the incoming storm in the United States.

Vuzix Blade smart glasses are developed and manufactured in the United States.

The future of digital hardware

An American company with roots in Rochester, the next generation of Vuzix consumer and enterprise smart glasses is being brought to life in New York.

It’s Vuzix’s business to keep an eye on the future. Today, America remains a global tech hub and will play a major role in the emerging smart glasses market.

Smart glasses will one day complement – and eventually replace – smartphones. Vuzix’s latest offering of American-made smart glasses (including the new M4000) will ease both the professional and personal lives of modern consumers.

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