Vuzix-Inseego Bundle a Big Win for Enterprise Customers

Raising the bar in mobile connectivity

Wearable computing and augmented reality is set to change the world of work. Already, several industries use Vuzix M-Series smart glasses to perform complex tasks with greater accuracy and speed.

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They allow professionals the use of both hands in virtually any situation. With a WiFi connection and a charged battery, Vuzix has only begun to scratch the surface of how smart glasses can make life easier for enterprise customers.

Inseego’s MiFi 8000 hotspot is a gamechanger for Vuzix enterprise customers
Credit: Inseego

With Inseego, the potential has broadened significantly.

Solving the connectivity challenge

Running on the Sprint Curiosity™ IoT core network, the Inseego MiFi 8000 hotspot is a gamechanger. Available in 2020, Vuzix users will have access to the best possible 4G LTE broadband experience

What does this mean? Quicker, more efficient connected smart glasses will produce quicker, more efficient remote workers.

The MiFi hotspot provides all-day battery life and will soon support multiple connections via Wi-Fi or a tethered USB-C connection.

Vuzix M-Series smart glasses will continue to make life easier for enterprise users
Credit: SlashGear

5G implications

The Inseego-Vuzix bundle is significant for a number of reasons. Most notably, a better WiFi connection results in more efficient smart glasses.

However, perhaps the most meaningful impact surrounds the next generation of telecommunications.

As the 2020s approach, 5G connectivity will begin to offer (much) higher data rates and (much) lower latency. Inseego is a 5G pioneer that understands the massive role smart glasses will play in both enterprise and consumer life.

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