Vuzix Next Gen Smart Glasses are Tech, Fashion Trendsetters

Augmented reality’s never looked this good

Many believe that Smart Glasses will complement and eventually replace smartphones in the 2020s. Due in 2021, Vuzix’ Next Gen Smart Glasses could help that prediction become reality.

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Why do industry experts and futurists believe this? No technology harnesses the power of augmented reality (AR) better than Smart Glasses.

The tech allows users to access all the benefits of their smartphone or computer - hands-free. Just as masks are a COVID era fashion staple, stylish Smart Glasses could soon be a pressing need for consumers.

Can you tell the difference between Vuzix Smart Glasses and regular specs?

Why Vuzix Next Gen Smart Glasses could break the mold

Aesthetics are a primary reason Smart Glasses haven’t gone mainstream. While the tech is improving, users crave models that could look like regular glasses.

How Next Gen Smart Glasses improve on older, bulkier models:

  1. Razor thin display: Do ultra-slim, single-layer see through binocular waveguides mean anything to you? Hint: this means tiny projectors streaming crisp HD video on the lenses.
  2. Office to Trail: Small LED projectors allow you to see your display, regardless of the weather. Scroll through songs on your walk or tab through phone contacts in the office.
  3. 20/20 vision: The upcoming model offers one of the highest density pixel arrays on the market. You’ll never have to squint or strain your eyes to read that crisp display.
  4. Flawless phone calls: Noise-cancelling microphones near the hinges ensure you’ll be heard crystal clear, everytime.
  5. Chuck those earphones: With acoustic chambers in the frame, ambient sound isn’t lost. For privacy, noise is delivered from atop your ears. Which raises a question: could Smart Glasses phaseout headphones?
  6. A smartphone’s best friend: The glasses wirelessly communicate with your phone through the onboard processor.
  7. Your choice: Activate the displays with your voice or by tapping on touch-sensitive temple arms.

Easy wearability with even greater utility
Image credit: SlashGear

Making style a priority

When they hit the market next year, it’ll be difficult to tell who among us are wearing Smart Glasses. Blending in with a ‘phone on your face’ is something consumers can look forward to.

Just as smartphones, smart watches and Bluetooth speakers have become common, so will seeing someone talking into a pair of glasses.

Soon, there will be no barrier between people and their digital assistants. The next step in bringing us closer to the digital world’s many benefits goes through Smart Glasses.

We’ll leave you with some ways Smart Glasses could change the world:

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