Vuzix Next Gen Smart Glasses Win Big at CES 2021

Leading the Wearable Display Tech charge ahead with 3 awards

If ‘social distancing’ is 2020’s business motto, ‘remote tech’ is the year’s theme. Disrupting almost every industry, the pandemic made finding digital technologies that kept employees safe a primary focus for every executive team.

While Vuzix equipped countless businesses with the technology needed to navigate 2020, the company was recognized for a product that hasn’t even debuted yet at CES 2021.

The Smart Glasses manufacturer and developer took home the following awards at this year’s event for its upcoming Vuzix Next Gen Smart Glasses:

1. Computer Peripherals & Accessories

2. Portable Media Players & Accessories

3. Wearable Technologies

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Coming in the second half of 2021, Vuzix Next Gen Smart Glasses allow users to connect hands-free with the digital world. The fashion-forward devices could accelerate Smart Glasses adoption among consumers.


  • A transparent 3D display
  • Hands-free voice commands
  • Gesture controls
  • Industry-leading waveguide optics

Coming in 2021, Vuzix Next Gen Smart Glasses lead the global wearable display tech charge with 3 CES awards.

This recognition comes on the heels of a breakthrough year for the company. Vuzix has enabled many businesses to continue operating despite national lockdowns.

Additionally, the hands-free augmented reality (AR) tech continues to improve operations for countless business partners.

Advances are not limited to the following industries:

Vuzix is honored to be recognized for outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products. 2021 promises to be another successful year for the company, the AR industry, and Smart Glasses technology itself.

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