Vuzix Remote Assist Provides Off-Site Help from Anywhere

Technical Support Made Easy by Vuzix Remote Assist

Flying in experts is expensive, no matter the industry. As a result, Vuzix makes them available through AR smart glasses. Vuzix Remote Assist allows field techs and experts to work together with ease.

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Only a pair of Vuzix M-Series smart glasses are required. Operating like a video conference call, both parties can see one another in the corner of their eye.

Meanwhile, the technician’s point of view is broadcast in real-time to off-site help.

Vuzix Remote Assist Connects Technicians with Experts. Credit: Ubimax.

Like Being in the Same Room

Vuzix Remote Assist allows experts to animate the technician’s display. They can circle points of interest, like engine components or damaged areas.

Evidently, it’s like having a guiding hand in the same room.

Moreover, Vuzix smart glasses allow hands-free communication. There’s no need to interrupt workflow to pick up a phone or take a picture.

Remote Assist Provides a Live Feed of a Technician’s Point-of-View

Vuzix AR Glasses Save Companies Time, Money

Vuzix Remote Assist has major implications across all industries. The app already saves field technicians time. Consequently, it saves their employers money.

In the digital era, staying competitive means staying up-to-date with technological advances. Indeed, smart glasses provide an edge for early adopters.

The most successful companies in the world conduct business with conferencing apps Those who fail to do so don’t last.

Soon, the same will be said about AR smart glasses.