Vuzix Sets Sales Record in the First Quarter of 2021

An industry on the upswing

Year-over-year sales of Vuzix Smart Glasses continue to skyrocket. Compared to Q1 2020, company sales rose 54%.

What does this mean? More companies than ever are incorporating the hands-free devices into their operations - and seeing the financial benefits.

In total, Vuzix reported Smart Glasses sales of $3.8 million USD as purchases of the enterprise-focused M400 device tripled.

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Reasons for AR optimism:

Major partners

Vuzix continues to receive orders from high-profile clients, including CooperVision, Verizon, Pixee Medical and many more. No matter the industry, wearable display tech is making life easier for enterprise - offering ample ROI. For example, field service workers can now automatically broadcast their location to off-site supervisors - no smartphone required.

Technical improvements

With increased useage comes tech improvements, as Vuzix M-Series Smart Glasses prove with revolutionary PDF-viewing capabilities. These upgrades are also industry specific, as orthopedic surgery is set to be revolutionized by hands-free AR.

Safety first

Not only are Vuzix Smart Glasses making on-site construction workers more aware of their surroundings - with no smartphones or notepads to distract them - devices have begun to simplify site inspections. Recently, an entire construction site was inspected by one professional using a drone and pair of M4000 Smart Glasses.

Physical distancing-plus

Zoom fatigue has gripped the world since March 2020. Vuzix is offering hands-free access to video conferencing apps including Skype, Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans, Webex and more. Right now, businesses can connect for free.

Year-over-year sales of Vuzix Smart Glasses continue to skyrocket as corporations onboard large quantities of the hands-free devices.

No return to the old normal

Although millions have been vaccinated, the world has accepted that the New Normal will outlive the pandemic.

The world is forever changed. 2020 forced everyone to become familiar with the digital world’s many benefits, forcing the elderly to FaceTime and youngsters to learn online.

This same period has made the business world intimately familiar with Smart Glasses, as physical distancing protocols made hands-free display tech a must.

How soon until it’s common to see the voice-controlled devices on the street?

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