Vuzix Setting the Standard for Device Configuration on Smart Glasses

The ‘V’ also stands for Versatility

With each passing year, we rely more heavily on our digital devices. They contain our schedules, connect us with loved ones and can even monitor our health.

As reliance increases, so does the ability to customize these devices to our every need. For evidence: look no further than the ongoing and endless Android vs iPhone debate.

When it comes to Smart Glasses, Vuzix paves the way for user customization. As wearable display tech becomes more popular - particularly in the workplace - there is an understandable desire among users to tinker with these devices to access their many benefits.

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How users can customize Vuzix Smart Glasses:


In addition to voice and button controls, M-Series Smart Glasses can be navigated using a touchpad located along the temple. Users can now choose between directional swipe options, depending on preference. Change your swipes to whichever direction feels natural - left to right or right to left.

Viewer Switch

Are you right or left eye dominant? It doesn’t matter anymore...users can now switch the viewer on M-Series Smart Glasses to whichever side they prefer. Whether you’re a telecom tech working on a cell tower or a surgeon in Africa being guided through a procedure by a colleague in London, the choice is yours.


Users monitor their environment through augmented reality (AR). Embedded in the display, it serves as a filter for the real world. Using voice controls or the touchpad, brightness, font size and other visual features can easily be adjusted.

Devices like the Vuzix M4000 allow unprecedented levels of user customization on Smart Glasses.

Smart Glasses for all

This level of customization makes hands-free wearable tech more universally accessible. Such versatility can even be helpful for users with disabilities.

Our commitment to making devices that are as comfortable and user-focused as possible has attracted many high-profile partners.

In an era where access to the digital world is everything, Vuzix is proud to lead the charge toward Smart Glasses that anyone can easily operate and benefit from.

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