Vuzix Showcases Innovation and Industry-Proven Solutions at AWE

It's that time of year again, when XR technology innovators gather to show off the latest and greatest at AWE. This year Vuzix is showing the world what it should expect from AR wearables in the form of our Vuzix Shield. With a crystal-clear 3D display driven by twin waveguides, these glasses are ultralight, ruggedized for enterprise use, and will be available later this year. The verdict from people experiencing Vuzix Shield at our booth? Hands-down the best AR display in a pair of smart glasses.

Vuzix also showcased our forthcoming M400C smart glasses. Why tether to a battery when you can connect right to your phone or other device that supports DisplayPort Alternative Mode? For clients with specialized needs, the ability to transform your smart glasses into an extension of your native systems, leveraging the computing power and implicit security of IT frameworks, is a real game changer.

Speaking of game changers, our friends from Signify have joined us this year to showcase their Trulifi wireless light-based communications solution. Running on Vuzix smart glasses, this innovation aims to support enterprise customers in manufacturing, aerospace, hospitality and defense with an ultra-low latency, secure, and fast wireless broadband connection. Learn more about their solution.

Despite all that's new at Vuzix, it's our workhorse M400 smart glasses that continue to impress. No other head worn device is built to Vuzix standards; able to withstand total water immersion, drops up to 2 meters, and use in a variety of cleanroom and medical applications. With a host of apps and input methods including voice and head tracking, the M400 is truly the most versatile AR device on the market today. And did we mention comfortable? If you’re wearing an AR device for hours on end, the choice is simple. Vuzix provides the lightest and most comfortable fit for all-day use.

Now is the time to experience our full suite of current and upcoming solutions! Stop by Booth #825 to meet the team today.

The Vuzix team at AWE 2022 booth, displaying Vuzix Shield and M400 smart glasses­­