Vuzix Showcasing Blade’s Facial Recognition Tech at Global Security Exchange

Smart glasses are set to revolutionize security operations all over the world. Soon, security practitioners will benefit from a wide array of advantages by having AR (augmented reality) capabilities before their eyes.

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Security personnel will be able to use facial recognition technology to immediately detect any threats in a large crowd. Already, industry leader iFalcon has rolled out its fully autonomous mobile face recognition system on the Vuzix Blade in the Arabian Peninsula.

Check out iFalcon facial recognition software on the Vuzix Blade at GSX 2019. Credit:

Practitioners in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE already screen crowds to match faces against a massive database. As a result, personnel can instantly identify missing people, suspects or violators.

Facial Recognition Tech on Display

Using Vuzix Blade smart glasses, iFalcon face recognition software will be displayed at the Global Security Exchange in Chicago, Illinois which started Sunday, September 8th.

"The iFalcon system paired with the Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses provides up to eight hours of continuous operation and the portable database can store over one million unique faces," -– Paul Travers, CEO and President, Vuzix.

Smart glasses have the potential to ensure the safety of all in attendance in large venues or crowded areas. Join us for a pivotal moment in the world of security tech innovation.

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Vuzix has developed smart glasses eyewear with artificial intelligence (AI)-powered technology that can recognize faces in a crowd, according. Credit:

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