Vuzix Smart Glasses Drone Capabilities Displayed at AirWorks 2019

A match made in the skies

As soon as 2025, the global drone industry will be valued at $14 billion. Evidently, drones serve a purpose far beyond the high-tech adventures of weekend enthusiasts. A wide range of industries including security, first response, inspection and manufacturing are set to save a huge amount of time and resources using the miniature unmanned aircraft.

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As a result, a global focus has been placed on developing intuitive ways to operate drones. Vuzix was excited to demonstrate how the Blade and M400 smart glasses allow users to seamlessly and intuitively fly DJI™ drones.

Vuzix smart glasses allow users to operate their drones with unprecedented ease. Credit: AIThority

The future of drone operation

The event allowed participants to witness and sample the many ways Vuzix Blade and M400 smart glasses make drone operation easier.

Along with hundreds of commercial drone professionals, technology experts, and policymakers, the Vuzix team helped play a major role in an event that steers the drone industry’s global trajectory.

AirWorks 2019 participants learned how easy it is to control their drone with the Vuzix Blade and M400. Credit: PR Newswire

Those in attendance learned several facts that both fans of Vuzix and many drone professionals have known for some time:

  • Vuzix Blade smart glasses make drone navigation easier
  • Vuzix Blade smart glasses allow users to seamlessly access and monitor their drone’s perspective
  • The easiest way to operate your DJI™ Drone is through a smart glass app

The marriage between drone operation and smart glasses technology is only natural. AirWorks 2019 helped solidify this statement as fact.

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