Vuzix Smart Glasses Improve Worker Training – White Paper

Smart glasses an incomparable training tool

Companies spend countless hours bringing new hires up to speed. Smart glasses can streamline the process, allowing trainers and trainees to communicate remotely through cameras that broadcast their first-person perspectives. The technology is the training tool of the future.

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Smart glasses offer many benefits to employers and employees:

  • Hands-free access to information (step-by-step instructions, diagrams, videos);
  • Real-time, see-what-I-see communication (for remote collaboration and support from a technician or supervisor);
  • Hands-free, point-of-view corporate documentation and logging (audio and visual);
  • AR overlays for remote support and communication (audio and visual);
  • Object and image recognition (for scanning codes, text, numbers, step verification, task completion);
  • Workers can access self-help guidance resulting in call avoidance requiring a supervisor to solve their problem.

For more, visit Vuzix’ Work Instructions and Training white paper.

Smart glasses are set to optimize on-the-job training
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