Vuzix’ Smart Glasses Leadership Continues as Blade is Officially Safety Certified

Many in the tech space and beyond consider smart glasses the logical replacement for the omnipresent Smartphone. Evidently, consumers and professionals lean on the digital world with increased regularity. From talking with friends to shopping to banking, there is endless interest in solutions that facilitate seamless interaction between human and computer.

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This is already the case in the world of enterprise, as warehouse professionals have begun to lean on smart glasses to perform their jobs more efficiently. Vuzix has established itself as a leader in this space, working closely with practitioners from a number of industries to integrate AR solutions on smart glasses to make work easier.

The new Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses (Safety Certified) are certified impact resistant meeting both ANSI Z87.1 and CE EN166 safety standards. Credit: Vuzix and Wearable Technologies

Smart glasses are about to become common on worksites, as the Vuzix Blade has officially been certified as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the US and EU.

View the future

According to Gran View Research, the global safety glasses market will be worth $3 billion USD by 2025. Evidently, the demand for glasses with digital interfaces is huge.

Not only will they create safer work environments, they’ll ensure quicker, more efficient projects.

Soon, the tradesman’s safety glasses will do much more than protect the eyes. Today, Vuzix has taken a large step toward making that happen.

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