Vuzix Upgrades Speech Recognition on M400, M4000 Smart Glasses

Wearable displays are a universal language

Many users find speech input to be the most intuitive, convenient and effective way to interact with the wide range of applications running on their smart glasses. Thus, there is an emphasis on high-quality speech recognition engines among the many businesses who’ve equipped their workforce with wearable displays.

Solidifying its position as a leader in the smart glasses industry, Vuzix has made a significant upgrade to the embedded speech recognition engine of its M-Series devices.

This upgrade comes out of its recent partnership with Vivoka®. The French company is a global leader in speech technologies.

Vuzix has upgraded its speech recognition software on M400 and M400 smart glasses, meaning devices can support businesses in a greater number of international markets.

What does this upgrade mean for Vuzix customers?

First of all, the new speech recognition engine allows for greater detection accuracy, even when the user has a slight accent or the device is being used in an environment with high background noise.

This means that more users can control Vuzix smart glasses hands-free, with their voice being the primary interaction method.

The new upgrade also allows for substantially more languages to be included over time. Since the upgraded speech engine is capable of recognizing over 30 languages, a barrier that made it difficult for Vuzix to develop solutions in new markets has been removed.

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To take immediate advantage of this capability, Cantonese is now fully supported as a preferred system language. This allows the majority of Hong Kong’s workforce to control Vuzix devices with their voice.

Given Hong Kong is a major world supplier of high-tech devices and consumer goods, Vuzix smart glasses will positively affect their own businesses and the many international markets the city serves.

This breakthrough is included in the latest software update to Vuzix M-Series smart glasses.

A hands-free world

The upgraded embedded voice engine allows businesses to seamlessly onboard Vuzix devices - nearly anywhere on earth.

This is essential in a globalized world, especially as supply chains are strained. Top-notch communication and service accessibility at all times are mandatory if multinational ventures are to have success.

As a ‘shortage economy’ looms, these hands-free devices could play a key role in sustaining economic growth and ensuring supply meets demand.

Users can operate Vuzix smart glasses using voice commands, allowing shipping professionals to work more efficiently.

Wearable displays can maximize the benefit of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems, and Vuzix is proud to operate at the forefront of this evolving technology.

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