Vuzix Users Excited by OS Version 2.0.2 Update for M400 and M4000 Smart Glasses

Another step forward for Wearable Display Tech

A cornerstone update has increased the performance of Vuzix M400 and M4000 Smart Glasses. Increasingly relied on by businesses to streamline operations, the devices are becoming popular in various industries, including healthcare.

It’s important to note that all updates rely on user feedback. The large number of improvements in M400 OS Version 2.0.2 proves two things:

  • The total number of Vuzix users steadily increases, expanding the number of users providing feedback
  • Wearable display tech engineers can implement changes quickly and efficiently

This update comes on the heels of Vuzix’ successful presentation at CES 2021, where the Next Gen Smart Glasses with MicroLED tech earned praise from insiders.

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M400 OS Version 2.0.2 Update Notes:

  • Improves localization of built-in apps to French, Japanese, Mandarin, German, and Spanish.
  • Simplifies Vuzix App Store settings, and enables default connections to the App Store.
  • Enables programmatic control over touchpad enable state.
  • Supports the optional Vuzix Voice Input app that provides speech to text as an entry method on the soft keyboard. (Vuzix Voice Input is coming soon to the Vuzix App Store)
  • Adds Korea and Singapore to regulatory e-label.
  • Updates Android security patches to comply with the December 2020 bulletin. For more info on this, refer to the official Android Security Bulletin page.

Vuzix M400 & M4000 (pictured) Smart Glasses make life easier for business owners.

Businesses make friends with Smart Glasses

You probably noticed many of these updates involved foreign languages.

Although the 2020 pandemic forced us apart, the digital world lets businesses cross borders with ease.

Astonishingly, Vuzix Smart Glasses offer real-time language transcription. What does that mean?

Subtitles for everyday life.

With this latest update, wearable display tech inches closer toward widespread adoption.

Learn how the Vuzix M400 could save your business time and money.

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